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The Most Popular Types Of Gate Hinges

July 4, 2019

Good design is always worth celebrating, and here at Barrier Components, we love our gate hinges. In our view gate hinges are the unsung heroes of the gate world, functioning with such ease and effortlessness when they’re doing their job properly, that you don’t even notice the mechanism as you’re swinging the gate open and closed.

Today we’re going to tell you about some of the most popular hinge products we sell: heavy duty gate hinges.

Quality Hinges Matter

Whatever material your gate is made from, you’re definitely going to need a decent hinge, or the whole barrier won’t work. So the first thing you always need to think about is the size and weight of the gate you’re fitting. After that, you can consider things like the style you prefer, the finish you want, and the budget you’re working with. A heavy gate needs heavy duty gate hinges to take the full scale and weight of the gate.

Strap hinges are great when you’re looking for an authentic or traditional style for your gate. They have an architectural look to them that evokes a bygone Tudor age, and they can be used for a really heavy barn door. Make sure yours is large enough to span at least half, or even two-thirds the width of the door or gate you're fitting, and then it should be fine for many years. If your gate is more than 48 inches in width, a strap hinge or hybrid is ideal.

Other heavy duty gate hinges are available, of course. For example, you could go for a butt hinge if you prefer to keep the mechanism out of sight as far as possible. Butt hinges are often the choice for interior doors. But if you really like the bolder look of the strap hinge design, you could decide to mount them as decor, but using them as purely as an aesthetic feature, with the butt hinges underneath doing the hard work.

Choose The Right Hinges For You

How about going for a hybrid that blends the benefits of both the strap and butt hinges. In that case, go for something like an H hinge, or a tee hinge. The choice really comes down to preference of style. Be inventive. As long as your hinge can sustain the weight of the gate you can choose something more unusual if that works better for you.

Here at Barrier Components, we’ve got all the professional fixings and fittings you could ever need to fit your heavy duty gate and have it working like a dream. Have a look through our product pages and get in touch if we can help with advice or info.

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