Folding Door Locks

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  1. Hybrid RAM Keep
    Hybrid RAM Keep
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  2. Hybrid Folding Door Lock and Keep Set
    Hybrid Folding Door Lock and Keep Set
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Best Locks for Folding Doors

Buy folding door locks from Barrier Components to ensure your home is safe and secure. Whether they are fixed onto interior or external folding doors in your home or workplace, these will help keep your mind at ease when out of the property. Each one has been carefully constructed out of quality materials to guarantee security.

Hook & Latch Folding Door Locks

Hook & latch folding door locks have a hook that is screwed into the door and an eye that is screwed into the door jamb. The hook is inserted into the eye to keep the door closed.

Individual RAM keeps to folding door locks and keep sets are both available, in case you’re replacing just one element or looking to install a brand new locking mechanism. Many of the products in our store fit Barrierfold and Vistafold folding patio doors and include keys.

Order Folding Door Locks Online with Barrier Components

Check availability on our up to date website and compare against other products by simply using the button above each option. Once folding door locks have been ordered delivery takes just two or three days before they can be installed in your home.      

Sliding Door Lock FAQ’s

What are folding door locks?

Folding door locks are devices designed to secure folding doors, which are doors that fold in sections rather than swing on hinges. Folding door locks typically have a latch that slides into a strike plate or keeper, securing the door in place. 

What type of locks do folding doors need?

Usually, a lock must be used on folding doors so that they may be kept in both a closed as well as open position. Depending on the unique design and functioning of the doors, the type of lock that is suitable for folding doors will vary.

Can you put a lock on a bifold door?

Yes, it is possible to put a lock on a bifold door, although the type of lock that can be used may depend on the specific design of the bifold door.