Pocket Door Kits

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  1. BarrierSlide Pocket Door
    BarrierSlide Pocket Door
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    As low as £140.39 £155.99 £129.99
  2. Pocket Door Touch Latch
    Jexis Pocket Door Touch Latch
    Lead Time 1-2 Days
    £47.99 £39.99
  3. Barrier Softclose 50kg
    Barrier Softclose 80kg
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £23.99 £19.99
  4. Pocket Door Handle Closed
    Pocket Door Pull Handle
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £11.72 £9.77
  5. Sliding Door Latch - 2 Snib, Satin Nickel
    Sliding Door Latch - 2 Snib, Satin Nickel
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £37.44 £31.20
  6. Pocket Door Jointing Kit
    Pocket Door Jointing Kit
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £14.39 £11.99
  7. PD2 Pocket Door Kit
    PD2 Pocket Door Kit
    Lead Time 1-2 Days
    £138.00 £115.00
  8. PD1 Pocket Door Kit
    PD1 Pocket Door Kit
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    As low as £112.86 £118.80 £99.00
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Pocket Doors UK

Welcome to our pocket door kits page, where innovation meets functionality in the world of interior design. If you've ever wished for a seamless transition between rooms, increased floor space, or simply an elegant touch to your home or office, pocket doors are the answer. 

What Are Pocket Doors?

Pocket doors, also known as sliding doors or hidden doors, are an ingenious design solution that opens up your living or working spaces in a unique way. Unlike traditional swinging doors that require clearance and can be visually intrusive, pocket doors slide discreetly into the wall cavity when opened, effectively disappearing from view. These doors are mounted on a track and operate smoothly, making them an ideal choice for modern interiors.

Why choose pocket door systems?

Pocket doors are space-saving wonders. They eliminate the need for door swing clearance, providing more usable floor space and allowing for creative room layouts. The clean lines and unobtrusive design of pocket doors enhance the visual appeal of any space. They create a sense of continuity and spaciousness. When closed, pocket doors provide excellent privacy and sound insulation, making them a practical choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices.

Pocket door systems kits are fast becoming the number 1 sliding door kit used today. With its space saving properties and the simple act of disappearing into a wall these sliding door kits are top priority when space is at a premium. Barrier Pocket Door Systems are installed during the internal stud wall phase of a new build or renovation allowing for all tracking and supports to then be plaster boarded over.

Barrier pocket door systems kits are easily cut to suit your required door size and can be supplied with soft close (and open depending on door size) and a touch latch.