Sliding Glass Internal Doors

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  1. Barrierslide Crystal
    Barrierslide Crystal
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £151.19 £125.99
  2. 9128L Door Stop
    9128L Door Stop
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £5.74 £4.78
  3. Glass Bumper Seal Template
    Glass Bumper Seal Template
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £7.20 £6.00
  4. Glass Bumper Seal
    Glass Bumper Seal
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £7.80 £6.50
  5. Adhesive Fixed Pair of 65mm Round Flush Pull Handles - SNK Finish (CFH-65FB)
    Adhesive Fixed Pair of 65mm Round Flush Pull Handles - SNK Finish (CFH-65FB)
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £37.81 £31.51
  6. G Tech Rail
    GSD025 Sliding Rail
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £90.52 £75.43
  7. SDT Floor Guide
    SDT Floor Guide
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £13.55 £11.29
  8. SDT Track Stop
    SDT Track Stop
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £5.95 £4.96
  9. SDT RH73W Hangers
    SDT RH73W Hangers
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £137.23 £114.36
  10. SDT RH68 Hangers
    SDT RH68 Hangers
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £120.07 £100.06
  11. SDT RH65 Hangers
    SDT RH65 Hangers
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £135.35 £112.79
  12. SDT Fixed Panel Profile
    SDT Fixed Panel Profile
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £53.71 £44.76
  13. SDT Track Pelmet
    SDT Track Pelmet
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £76.79 £63.99
  14. SDT Soffit Fix Bracket
    SDT Soffit Fix Bracket
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £4.33 £3.61
  15. SDT Side Fix Bracket
    SDT Side Fix Bracket
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £5.05 £4.21
  16. SDT Top Track
    SDT Top Track
    Out of stock
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £85.22 £71.02
    Out of stock
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Internal Sliding Doors

A key component of internal sliding doors is the smooth top track, which supports the weight without the need for bottom tracks and keeps the doors from catching on any flooring. They can offer a stylish and useful method to divide or open up any room in a modern style, all while maximising space. They are frequently also referred to as barn doors and are available in a variety of materials styles.


Glass Internal Sliding Doors

Whether you’ve got one in your bathroom or between the house and conservatory, glass sliding door systems can add a clean and attractive element to your home. Getting one set up and working smoothly is easy with the options available here at Barrier Components.

From a compact sliding glass door kit and rail to wall brackets, everything you need to install or repair such internal doors is for sale at competitive prices. If you only need a new handle or bit of sliding door track, these can be found without having to purchase an entire new kit in our online store. Door stops, flush pull handles and more are all built to last.


Shop for Internal Sliding Doors with Barrier Components

Shopping for internal sliding doors and glass sliding door kits with Barrier Components has never been simpler. Get in touch with one of our experienced team members if you require some extra help and advice.


Internal Sliding Doors FAQs

Do internal sliding doors need a bottom track?

It is now possible to purchase an inside sliding door without a bottom track. A sliding interior door built differently has no bottom track. It can be suspended safely since it includes an upper track that must sustain the weight of the inner door. Although it is not required, you might choose to use the bottom track. It contributes to overall security by keeping the door in place.

How wide should internal sliding doors be?

Changes in room openings are not too significant because many doors come in conventional sizes. You will still need to do some measuring, so check the opening's dimensions with a tape measure. It's typical to notice that the width doesn't always correspond to standard sizes; small variations are generally allowed.

How do you stop a sliding door from swinging?

Bottom tracks are the most typical option, but you could also put in guidance or side stops. The door won't move sideways because they can be screwed into the floor. They can stop the door from moving in any direction, but they can also stop it from becoming loose. When loose, it might harm the wall or the jamb. While some stops and guides are standard across all models, others come with the doors and are designed uniquely for that model.