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With the increase of terrorist attacks, protecting building occupants from blast effects is an international focus of current R&D. In order to allow the construction of safe and secure public buildings, a brand new and effective bolt fixed system has been developed for point fixed glass façades.

The trials were undertaken to determine the response of the bolt fixed glazing panes to a typical vehicle borne improvised explosive charge, such as the 100kg device used in the blast assessments of major UK infrastructure.

A first trial was made using a large steel test cubicle which validated the performance of the bolt systems albeit with smaller window pane sizes that would be used in a commercial glazing project. The panes remained attached at a 25 m range.

A further blast trial of these bolt fixed systems was undertaken also at a 25 m range, this time with glass pane sizes more typical of a commercial bolt-fixed glazing installation. All six panes were retained in place by bolt fixings.


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