SDT Sliding Glass System

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  1. Glass Bumper Seal Template
    Glass Bumper Seal Template
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £7.20 £6.00
  2. Glass Bumper Seal
    Glass Bumper Seal
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £7.80 £6.50
  3. SDT Track Stop
    SDT Track Stop
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £5.95 £4.96
  4. SDT RH73W Hangers
    SDT RH73W Hangers
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £137.23 £114.36
  5. SDT RH68 Hangers
    SDT RH68 Hangers
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £120.07 £100.06
  6. SDT RH65 Hangers
    SDT RH65 Hangers
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £135.35 £112.79
  7. SDT Fixed Panel Profile
    SDT Fixed Panel Profile
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £53.71 £44.76
  8. SDT Track Pelmet
    SDT Track Pelmet
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £76.79 £63.99
  9. SDT Soffit Fix Bracket
    SDT Soffit Fix Bracket
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £4.33 £3.61
  10. SDT Side Fix Bracket
    SDT Side Fix Bracket
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £5.05 £4.21
  11. SDT Top Track
    SDT Top Track
    Out of stock
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £85.22 £71.02
    Out of stock
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The SDT glass door sliding system has a myriad of options for designers to choose from. The track can be soffit fixed, and combined with a fixed panel profile. The hangers are high quality with ball bearing nylon wheels, giving a smooth near silent operation. Hangers can be fitted to either rounded or square patch fittings or to our standard door rail. Patch fittings and door guide are finished in satin stainless. Door rails are finished with either satin stainless or polished chrome covers and are made to measure.


Max Door Weight: 100kg
Max Door Width: 1500mm
Max Door Height: 2400mm
Glass Thickness: 8-12mm

Please be aware that only the RH65 hangers can accomodate 8-10mm glass. The others only achieve 10-12mm

Download datasheet Download Datasheet

  SDT Hanger Close Up