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Hybrid SHKW Keep Wood

Stainless steel keep for Hybrid insert locks. This unique keep in combination with the Hybrid lock ensures a strong gate anchoring. This configuration is with wood screws for wooden posts.


  • Stainless steel keep for Hybrid locks with mounting screws for wood.
  • Supplied with stopplate if wooden stop is not available.
  • For 40 - 60 mm sections.
  • Anchoring plate for hook.

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Lead Time:   2-3 Days
SKU 06064103
SKU 06064103
Brand Locinox
Finish Stainless Steel
Width (mm) 47
Height (mm) 180 (Holecentres on Faceplate)
Depth (mm) 40 minimum
Hybrid SHKW Keep WoodHybrid SHKW Keep Wood
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