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  1. CH-75 Snap Flat Hinge
    CH-75 Snap Flat Hinge
    Lead Time 2-3 Days
    £8.62 £7.18
  2. Lateral Door Kit FAD54
    Lateral Door Kit FAD54
    Lead Time 14 Days
    £776.09 £646.74
  3. Lateral Door Kit FAD44
    Lateral Door Kit FAD44
    Lead Time 14 Days
    £353.47 £294.56
  4. Lateral Door Kit FAD20
    Lateral Door Kit FAD20
    Lead Time 14 Days
    £338.09 £281.74
  5. Flush Sliding Door Kit
    Flush Sliding Door Kit
    Out of stock
    Lead Time 28 Days
    £623.99 £519.99
    Out of stock
  6. Overlay Glass Cabinet Hinge - XL-GC07
    Overlay Glass Cabinet Hinge - XL-GC07
    Lead Time 7 Days
    £20.69 £17.24
  7. Cabinet Glass Door Kit
    Cabinet Glass Door Kit
    Lead Time 7 Days
    £94.74 £78.95
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Set Descending Direction

Sugatsune is based on attention to detail and consistent high quality, from the simplest hinge or catch to the most sophisticated damped lid stay or door mechanism.

Many of the products are made from stainless steel and are designed for extreme conditions and find themselves in harsh marine or manufacturing environments. They are also favourites within the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries.