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Benefits Of Using Sliding Doors Within Industrial Premises

November 3, 2018

One of the most popular types of door installation we see within agricultural and industrial premises is the sliding door.

It’s easy to understand why too. There are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to the size and width of the door space, not to mention the fact that most doors can be made to measure and fitted with specific applications in mind. A robust sliding door can also be fitted inside or outside the building structure, again dependent on requirements.

Industrial & Agricultural Sliding Door Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of using sliding doors, especially within the agricultural industry, is the space-saving qualities they bring.

As there are no internal moving parts or tracks that can cause obstructions, you don’t have to worry about these features when installing these doors - something that can’t be said of other door types.

Furthermore, it’s fair to say that the lifespan of industrial sliding doors is far greater than that of other similar door types. Thanks to the lack of spring tension systems, there is no requirement for constant maintenance, tensioning or servicing. All of this means your sliding doors should be considered a fantastic investment for the future.

Security is another key area to consider when installing doors in an industrial or agricultural premises. Where other door types fail, sliding doors are particularly robust against vandalism thanks to their overlapping structure - this effectively secures the door on all four sides rather than just two or three. Add some heavy duty locks and/or bolt systems, and you’ve got a brilliantly secure door.

Operating a sliding door of any size is simple and straightforward, regardless of its application. The door mechanism is sturdy and reliable, while the specific hardware utilised is robust and easy to maintain. If you’re looking for a clean and tidy solution in an industrial or agricultural setting, sliding doors are likely to be ideal.

Our Sliding Door Hardware

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sliding door hardware, we understand what is necessary to ensure your industrial or agricultural doors remain functional and in top condition. With over 30 years experience in the industry, we’re perfectly placed to advise on all types of sliding door hardware.

While we don’t stock doors themselves, our range of sliding door hardware is unrivalled in the UK. Maintaining a high service level for these doors is surprisingly easy as there are very few moving parts and only a small amount of stress placed upon them.

As long as you are utilising the correct parts in the correct way, your sliding doors should remain fully functional for years to come.


Barrier Components are market-leading door hardware suppliers, with a huge range of products including brackets, clips, hangers and rollers, all available for industrial and agricultural premises.

With sliding doors designed to be a space-saving, low maintenance option, you can benefit from years of trouble-free operation and reliability in all weather conditions. Add our fantastic range of sliding door hardware into the mix and you’ll be perfectly placed to maintain your doors for decades.

If you’re looking for high quality sliding door hardware for your next project, drop us a line today!

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