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Pocket Door Touch Latch

Pocket doors can finally be set up to sit 100% into the wall without the need for edge fix handles or finger pulls.

This device simply fits on the back of the door. When you open the door the last 20-30mm activates the catch and lets the door sit flush with the wall. When you wish to close the door a simple press on the door edge will then release the door into the opening. It's as simple as that!!

Can be used with all our pocket doors and in conjunction with our softclose unit.


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Lead Time:   2-3 Days
SKU 02040068
SKU 02040068
Youtube Video Url
Brand EZ Closer
Finish PVC, Nylon
Colour Grey

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View FilePocket Door Touch Latch Instructions    Size: (102.53 KB) Pocket Door Touch Latch Instructions
Pocket Door Touch LatchPocket Door Touch Latch
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