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Verticlose-Rail Adjustable Closer Zilv

The Verticlose is an industrial gate closer where force, speed and final snap are adjustable after installation. Developed for outdoor use and thus produced with rustproof materials. Ideal in combination with 90° hinges. By using the "RAIL" the forces of the gate closer are used to the full. Easy and robust installation by means of drilling templates and Quick-Fix. Due to the patented damping system the operation of the gate closer is unaffected by temperature changes.

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Lead Time:   2-3 Days
SKU 06040061
SKU 06040061
Brand Locinox
Max Gate Weight (kg) 150
Max Gate Width (mm) 1200
Max Gate Height (mm) 2100
Verticlose-Rail Adjustable Closer ZilvVerticlose-Rail Adjustable Closer Zilv
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