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How To Replace Shower Door Hinges

August 3, 2019

There comes a point when you can't put it off any longer. You really need to get that new shower door fitted. But don't worry! Although it might look like a big and scary job, fortunately it’s fairly quick and simple.

The replacement of shower door hinges is key to a successful door replacement, but there shouldn’t be any problem doing this yourself. So, step by step, let’s get started.

First of all, have a look at your existing shower door, and see what kind of hinges are currently in place. Be careful you don’t cause any harm to the rest of the shower unit, but you will need to remove the old hinges and set aside any parts that may come away in the process, ready to replace with the correct fittings for your particular shower. You’ll also want to take apart the framework around the door if you need to fit a brand new door.

Select An Appropriate Hinge

Shower door hinges come in various styles and shapes, and there may be 1, 2, or even 3 or 4 of them in the shower door you’re working with. Just unscrew each of the fittings one by one, being certain to check that you’re replacing them with the right design for your shower unit. It may just be one really long hinge, in which case it’s the same process - undoing all the fittings that hold it in place without damaging the surrounding surfaces.

You'll notice there are sealing strips down the side of the panels. Don’t just pull these off as they may be screwed in place. Remove the screws if necessary, and use a narrow putty knife to prise the glue that’s attaching the strip to the wall. Move the knife down the length of the strip, being careful you don’t affect the tiles and give yourself another job afterwards! Go along the base of the shower in the same way to remove that strip as well.

Patience Is Key

Now it’s time to clean everything thoroughly and remove any adhesive that may still be stuck in place. You can do this with a knife, or a heat gun, or even with soap or alcohol. Then dry all the surfaces before you fit the new door.

A really important point that’s easily overlooked, is to check the door is hanging the right way up, and the hinges mounted in the correct place, so that the shower door can swing open correctly.

Glue the new strips into place with caulk. Don’t hold back on adding caulk to ensure an excellent seal - you shouldn't have too many problems. And that's it! You've changed your shower door hinges.

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