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Do You Need To Invest In A Garage Door Seal?

February 25, 2019

Have you heard of a garage door seal? If you’re the owner of a garage and you haven’t, then you’d better read on. This could be invaluable.

Everyone wants a home with its own garage. The chance of a store or workshop that’s separate to the house is a great addition to any household. But if you have a garage without a garage door seal, you’ll know exactly what can happen throughout the different seasons of the year, especially in this country.

What is a garage door seal?

In the height of the summer months, the heat can sometimes be unbearable. When it rains, puddles and and drips under the door can cause water damage to whatever you have stored inside. Meanwhile, the wind can blow leaves and debris up through any cracks, which makes it really chilly to work in, and a bit of a mess to sweep out. As for snow and hailstorms - well, you get the drift. In short, your garage can feel like that invaluable space that’s not actually very practical for everyday use.

But for a small investment, many of these problems can be solved and you can make use of that garage space all year round. We’re talking about the advantages of getting a decent garage door seal.

Protect your possessions

It’s like a really robust draft excluder that’s specially designed for the particular challenges facing any garage door.

Garage door seals tend to be made from a strip of strong rubber that is durable and long lasting so that it can withstand all the elements without being too intrusive. Fitted properly in the doorway of your garage, it ensures a tight and waterproof seal that makes all the difference to how you use the space.

What’s more, the dimensions of your garage opening won't cause a problem, because the seal is made to fit to your doorway perfectly. A professional installation ensures an excellent fit, so your garage floor stays clean and dry, with the temperature inside much more consistent throughout the year. And if you have valuable tools and equipment stored in your garage, you won’t want rodents gnawing on power leads or quietly nesting in there.

Block out rodents and pests

A well-fitted garage door seal will keep the mice out too, putting your mind at rest.

So, if it’s important to you to have everything you’ve stored in the garage staying safe and sound, we’d definitely recommend the small investment it takes to get yourself a garage door seal. Contact us if you need any more advice.

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