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Locinox is an internationally renowned company, headquartered in Belgium. They develop products that are specifically designed for the gate and fencing business. It’s Locinox's objective to make products that increase your efficiency while constructing and installing gates and fences, and by doing so we always take into account the a few of our key elements:


Locinox products are designed in such a way that your gates and fences remain functional throughout the years. Your gate should always work properly and the quality of the hardware is decisive for the functionality of your gate or fence. You therefore require zero callbacks on the hardware you select. Locinox mechanisms have been tested to the smallest detail and have been designed to operate within a large margin.

Ease of Installation

Unique patented fixtures and components make it faster to produce your gates and will guarantee quick installation and mounting. It will save you time and energy, thus resulting in a cheaper production process.

Increased Security

A long-standing experience in the gate and fencing business has provided Locinox with a great level of expertise. It’s the Locinox expertise that they constantly apply in understanding the technical and commercial challenges you face in increasing security resistance while developing your gates. Locinox components will also help your products increase resistance to vandalism.