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Cupboard & Wardrobe

Buy Cupboard and Wardrobe Door Kits Online Today

Whether you wish to install a sliding door to create a walk in wardrobe or are seeking replacement parts for damaged items, search the cupboard and wardrobe door kits at Barrier Components for quality options. From a Velo door kit to linear slide rails, there’s everything you could require for improving access to clothes and other amenities in your bedroom.

Various different options are available with each Velo door kit, including a gold or silver anodised finish to suit existing surroundings. Many of the kits, such as the loft door kit, come with either one, two or three doors depending on your preference, and include handles and all other essential hardware.

If you’re just making adjustments to doors then linear slides, rails, track and other items can be purchased to ensure an efficiently working door. For those starting from scratch, any of our cupboard and wardrobe door kits make installing a new door as easy as possible.

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  1. 76P Black Rigid PVC Guide Channel
  2. Top Track K-075 Aluminium

    Top Track K-075 Aluminium

    Price From: £12.85

  3. Flush Sliding Door Kit

    Flush Sliding Door Kit


  4. Lateral Door Kit S20

    Lateral Door Kit S20


  5. Lateral Door Kit S44

    Lateral Door Kit S44


  6. Lateral Door Kit S54

    Lateral Door Kit S54


  7. Linear 1 Panel Kit

    Linear 1 Panel Kit


  8. Linear Slide

    Linear Slide


  9. Linear Slide Rail

    Linear Slide Rail


  10. Loft 2 Door Kit

    Loft 2 Door Kit


  11. Loft 3 Door Kit

    Loft 3 Door Kit


  12. Velo 1 Door Kit

    Velo 1 Door Kit


  13. Velo 2 Door Kit

    Velo 2 Door Kit


  14. Velo 3 Door Kit

    Velo 3 Door Kit


  15. Velo 4 Door Kit

    Velo 4 Door Kit


15 Item(s)

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