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Glazing Channels

Glazing Channels

If you’re renovating your shower or bathroom, then you’ll understand just how important high quality glazing channels are. Whether you’re looking to connect glass to glass or glass to floor, we have a number of options that are perfect for you in our range of glazing channels.

Our polished glazing channels provide the perfect look for any bathroom or wet room, all without sacrificing functionality and at a cost that suits you. With short lead times and a variety of glass thickness options, we’re confident that we’ll have a glazing channel to suit you and your shower.

Order Online

Here at Barrier Components, our entire range of glazing channels is available in our online collection. When you’ve found the glazing channel you require, you can order it quickly and efficiently online and our fast delivery options will have it with you in no time at all.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply get in touch. Our team of expert advisers will be happy to help.

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  1. Shower Door Threshold

    Shower Door Threshold


  2. End cap DG12

    End cap DG12


  3. Dry Glaze Channel PDG12

    Dry Glaze Channel PDG12


  4. Dry Glaze Channel PDG10

    Dry Glaze Channel PDG10


  5. End cap DG08/DG10

    End cap DG08/DG10


  6. Dry Glaze Channel DG10 - 10mm
  7. Dry Glaze Channel DG08 - 8mm
  8. Glazing Channel GC17

    Glazing Channel GC17


  9. Glazing Channel GC15A

    Glazing Channel GC15A


  10. Glazing Channel GC14

    Glazing Channel GC14


  11. Glass Frame Seal

    Glass Frame Seal


  12. Glass to Floor Channel

    Glass to Floor Channel


  13. Glass to Glass Channel - 12mm Glass

13 Item(s)

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