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Progrip Panelgrip Kit

Panelgrip kit consisting of; 1 x PanelGrip 1 x Dry Mount Grip You will require 5 kits per linear metre of Balustrading spaced equally. There are 2 sizes available so please select required size below; Panelgrip kit 460 - for use with the 5460 Aluminium Channel - Base or Side Fix Panelgrip kit 466 - for use with the 5466 Aluminium Channel - Base or Side Fix

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Lead Time:   2-3 Days
SKU Panelgrip Kit
SKU Panelgrip Kit
Brand Brundles
Progrip Panelgrip Kit - 466Progrip Panelgrip Kit - 460
Progrip Panelgrip KitProgrip Panelgrip Kit
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